Intro-Discount ends Oct. 31 | Workshop LEADING INNOVATION AND CHANGE IN FILM AND TV

Intro-Discount ends Oct. 31 | Workshop LEADING INNOVATION AND CHANGE IN FILM AND TV

08. October 2019 –

 2 questions to the top innovation management experts Nele Fischer and Flavia Bleuel

Flavia Bleuel and Nele Fischer are one of the top experts of our new workshop Leading Innovation and Change in Film and TV which will be held in December in Berlin. They will shape the first module presenting methods and work modes of agile innovation Management such as Design Thinking and Scrum.  We wanted to know why film and television professionals should attend this brandnew workshop.

What do you think are important challenges that leaders in the media industry are confronted with right now and will be facing in the future?

"Leaders do often shy away from the risks that come with changes. They tend to forget that the world – inside their own company and outside of it – is dynamic and that not changing is as risky as changing. Dealing with uncertainty is key for leading teams. We think it is important to see uncertainty as an opportunity for learning. Therefore we understand innovation as a tool to use these opportunities and agile innovation management as the holistic environment for doing that. This means of course to deal with current dynamics such as the opportunities that digitalization brings with it or the involvement of users as content producers. It all starts with your mindset. It is essential to have a positive attitude towards human-centred innovation combined with agile working and to encourage working together in diverse teams. On this basis it is not only possible to face current challenges, but to actually work with them."

Can you give us an example for successful innovation management?

"We are often asked to give Best Practices. This comes from the desire to have orientation or a blue print. It is understandable but the problem is that this is only helpful in simple environments: If I am aware of the requirements and my approach is clear, Best Practices will work well, because I can understand someone’s practices and transfer them coherently. If we are in a complex environment, when working in innovation projects for example, this won’t work well. To better estimate through which environment you have to navigate a project, you can look at the ‚Stacey-Matrix‘, a tool in the context of agile project management. In complex environments the Best Practice is the own innovation process: We have processes, when it comes to agile innovation management, that help us navigate through these uncertainties, but related to the innovation itself, it is at least initially unclear what the specific requirements are and how exactly they can be implemented. This means that we are confronted with constantly changing environments and chances to come up with better solutions. You can get inspired by a Best Practice, but you always should find answers suitable for your own company and its corporate culture. There is no blueprint when it comes to innovation management and innovation culture."


If you are interested in this new workshop, please have a look at our website link below. Benefit from the Introductory Discount until October 31!

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