Digital Production Essentials - New international workshop in summer 2023

Digital Production Essentials - New international workshop in summer 2023

23. March 2023 –

 Head of Studies Michael Reuter on the new workshop for digital workflows in media production

Technological developments have become an increasingly important part of the film and media industry in recent years. With greater access to digital solutions, such as VFX or Virtual Production and various new technological workflows, it is increasingly important to get an overview of these possibilities.

Starting this year, EPI is devoting more attention to media technology and will organize the English-language workshop Digital Production Essentials for the first time from June 29-July 1 in Berlin.

In the workshop, designed among others for producers, production managers and post-production managers, participants will gain a basic understanding of digital workflows and learn about the advantages of integrating them into the overall production of films and series. The workshop is part of EPI's successful and well-established Essential Legal Framework training series and is funded by Creative Europe - MEDIA.

Registrations for the workshop are now open here. Applications for a limited number of scholarships is possible until May 24. In an Online Info Session on May 8, 18:30 (CEST), you will learn everything important about the new workshop in advance.

We are thrilled to have Michael Reuter (Founder and CEO | The Post Republic) as Head of Studies working with the EPI to develop the program for the workshop. He will also share his experience as an expert in digital workflows in post-production with the participants. To kick off the new workshop, Michael Reuter answers some of EPI's questions on digital production.

EPI: What can participants expect at the Digital Production Essentials workshop?

Michael Reuter: Over the three days of this workshop, we’ll explore the evolution of digital postproduction from digital image capture to virtual studios. We’ll establish its concepts and terminology and observe the impact of digital workflows on budgeting and scheduling in comparative case studies. We’ll take a practical glimpse at latest emerging technologies, such as virtual production,  game engines,  AI-automation and cloud-migration, and their potentials - as well as their current limitations.

What is the current importance of digital workflows in film and series production, and what will their importance be in 5 years?

Michael Reuter: Digital end-to-end workflows have been common for both film and TV for quite some time now. But only with the advent of streamers like Netflix efforts to fully integrate workflow-planning seem to become a target. At the same time production and post-production technology is on a steep trajectory. Technology that was traditionally only affordable for bigger budgets is made available to smaller productions within months now.

In the coming years workflow-variations in postproduction will multiply and become more complex.

As of this year, EPI puts more focus on the area of media technology. Why is professional training so important in this area in particular?

Michael Reuter: These developments are and will in the future be even more technology driven. With postproduction becoming more prominent it will be key to understand implications/risks/benefits of workflow scenarios. Not only for those steering a project through post-production, but for all decision-makers and stakeholders involved.


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