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The degree programs Digital Media Law and Management LL.M. | MBA and European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA are two executive master's degree programs offered by the Erich Pommer Institut in cooperation with the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and the University of Potsdam.
Reasons for studying at the EPI

Reasons for studying at the EPI

Specialised Focus: Both Master's programs offer a specialized focus on the media and film industry. You can choose a program that matches your career goals and gain in-depth expertise.

Economic & Legal content: The master's programs provide a comprehensive understanding of both economic and legal aspects of the media and film industry. Through the interlocking of content, you will acquire expertise from both focus areas.

Strategic decision-making: By combining business and legal knowledge, you will be able to make more informed and strategic decisions in your role. You will be able to analyse market trends, assess financial viability, negotiate contracts and develop effective business strategies that are in line with the legal framework. This enables you to minime risks, optimise resources and maximise opportunities in the industry.

Academic Excellence & Relevance: The lecturers include both experienced academics and industry experts. You will benefit from the unique opportunity to learn from professors and speakers who have extensive knowledge of the media and film industry. These high-calibre professionals bring practical insights to the classroom, enhancing the learning experience and preparing you for your future career.

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Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Innovation: The programs equips you with necessary skills and knowledge to explore entrepreneurial opportunities within the media industry. You will be able to identify market gaps, develop innovative business models, secure funding, navigate legal challenges and succesfully set up your own Start-Ups.

Dual and non-dual Studies: You can study the degree program on a combined basis with your company or employer. If this is not the case, you can complete the project module, which is also organized on a part-time basis, at one of the Erich Pommer Institut's partner companies.

Practical project work: The programs emphasise practical project work, which enables you to apply the acquired knowledge to real-life scenarios. Through practical assignments and industry-relevant projects, you will build a strong portfolio that enhances your employability.

Professional networking: The Erich Pommer Institut offers numerous opportunities to network with industry experts and former students. Regular workshops, seminars and networking events create a great environment for making contacts that can lead to future career opportunities.

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Theres Herzberg
Theres Herzberg
Project Manager Master Program Digital Media Law and Management LL.M. | MBA
+49 (0) 331.769 915-07 |
Katriina Miola
Katriina Miola
Project manager European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA
+49 (0) 331.769 915-28 |
Vincent Gunkel
Vincent Gunkel
Project Assistant Master Program Digital Media Law and Management LL.M. | MBA
+49 (0) 331.769 915-33 |
Laura Speicher
Laura Speicher
Project Coordinator European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA
+49 (0) 331-76 99 15-23 |
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