Master innovation and change management in our brand new workshop!

Master innovation and change management in our brand new workshop!

17. September 2019 –

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We are thrilled to welcome Gill Thewlis as one of our key trainers for the brand new workshop Business Development for Success: Leading Innovation and Change in Film and TV that takes place from December 4-8 in Berlin.

After a 20-year corporate career in banking and financial services industry, international consultant and business consultant Gill Thewlis has advised numerous clients from the film and TV industry since founding Aperté in 2003. With 60% of her work in the Creative Industries, across all forms of creative creation, Gill works across the spectrum of business strategy, planning, leadership and personal professional development. She supports production companies across drama and non-scripted / factual genres to help them become better businesses and better businesspeople.

We asked Gill a few questions about the importance of understanding change and innovation processes for our industry and how our workshop will benefit its participants.

Why are innovation and change management essential for audio-visual professionals today?

The film and TV industry has been highly affected by digitalization and is rapidly changing, and new leadership skills are becoming increasingly important. It is vital for companies to evaluate their existing business models and adapt those to the shifting needs of the marketplace. As change is constantly happening, it is vital to learn to implement its impact most effectively and efficiently. However, change also always bears additional opportunities which can be triggered through innovation processes. Mastering specific techniques that facilitate the creation of new ideas can help businesses capitalize on these opportunities. With the right know-how of technologies and operational practices, change and innovation management can help companies achieve long-term goals and result in more success.

What skills can be gained in the workshop?

The everchanging marketplace is demanding new and updated leadership skills. In our workshop, participants will gain a deep understanding for both theory and practice of managing change and innovation. We will introduce you to a specific tool that allows for a holistic approach to managing change: A step-by-step technique from defining your USP and position in the market, through identifying potential fields of business beyond the existing one in order to scale up, grow, diversify and become more financially sustainable. We will provide a set of methods and work modes in agile innovation management like Design Thinking and Scrum, and other techniques to adapt a future business model in accordance to the twists and turns of the industry. We will look at structuring and managing internal processes and accessing the know-how of all team members. I recently advised a UK-based TV production company who then completely changed their existing business model. As a first terrific result they landed a major deal with a big player. In the workshop, this specific case will be presented amongst other candid and revealing case studies to learn from best practice.

Why should film and TV professionals attend this workshop?

Apart from a broad range of hands-on techniques and an extensive know-how to lead their companies to more success, participants will receive a profound insight into evaluating and introducing new business models. Participants will benefit from the substantial experience of our trainers and speakers and draw on collective experiences with other professionals. Various case studies from the industry will show best practice methods and success stories. Moreover, the workshop will teach you how to take time out of the day to day to focus on the wider horizon and to think long-term, strategically, and become more self-reliant when it comes to decision-making. Identifying opportunities to say “no” to as well as those to welcome into your plan is another key goal of the workshop.

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