Introduction to EPI 2023
CEO Phillip Künstle

Introduction to EPI 2023

26. January 2023 –

 An overview by CEO Philipp Künstle

The start of a new year is always a good time to press pause for a moment and look back and ahead for what's to come. We are looking back to a thrilling year 2022 with the launch of the new Executive LL.M. and MBA Program European Film Business & Law, the new Female Leadership Program Audiovisual Women and a second edition of Series’ Women. In our German-language programs, we launched the first Virtual Production Lab in Europe with great success.

We have started to implement two new core fields into all our workshops in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023: Firstly, our commitment to addressing the shortage of skilled workers in the film and media industry in the project Media Collective, and secondly, the field of Media Technology.

Working together for a bright future in the film and media industry

With the nationwide study on the need for skilled workers and professional training in the field of film production and post-production, we have created the data base for all initiatives in that field. In 2023 we will focus on coordination on a national level, in order to join forces to expand professional training in the film and media industry, and provide more visibility for the jobs in the industry. At the same time, Media Collective is launching a major consulting program for companies and employees. We will provide independent advice on professional training programs for the film and media industry.

Media Law - Media Management - NEW: Media Technology

Artificial intelligence, 5G and robotics will contribute to change production techniques over the next ten years. Cross-sectionally, the topic of media technology has become more and more prevalent in all of our programs and will be very present in our program by 2023. The Virtual Production Lab will return in 2023 with a new international focus and Digital Production Essentials will be a new workshop in our Essential Legal Framework series. As for our eTrainings, we offer new courses in cooperation with ARRI and more courses are yet to come. Therefore, Media Technology will be the new third core area that will continue to run through all of our programs.

We cannot do our work without your support – we want to thank you for participating in our programs each year, the regional funds who support participation in our programs, the state of Brandenburg with the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy which support our work on selected skilled worker programs, and the EU with the ESF and MEDIA funding programs.

And no matter what changes and challenges the world has to face right now: personal and professional development is always the right answer. We are there for you!

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