Frequently Asked Questions - SERIES' WOMEN

Frequently Asked Questions - SERIES' WOMEN

Our new career enhancement programme for female producers working in European drama series, 

SERIES' WOMEN, is approaching its application deadline on February 1. We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our info session on January 19 to help guide you through your application.

Applicants' profile and experience

Can I apply as a non-European citizen?

  • Yes, as long as you are interested in working in the European market and your project is relevant for this market. The online workshops will be taking place in CET, so please keep that in mind.

    What level of experience do I need to have as a producer?

    • The programme is aimed at women who have at least 5-10 years of experience in the industry, although not necessarily only as a producer.

    Can you apply as a team (writer/producer, two producers)?

    • The programme is focused on the selected producers as individuals. You are welcome to apply separately, if applicable.

      Can only producers apply or also showrunners, commissioning editors or other professionals?

      • SERIES' WOMEN is aimed at female producers specifically.

      Will you focus more on the profiles of applicants or the quality of projects during the application process?

      • We will of course consider both but your individual professional profile and your reasons for wanting to participate in SERIES' WOMEN will be considered with the highest priority.

      Submitted project(s)

      Is it necessary to apply with a project?

      • Yes, you can apply with at least one and a maximum of three projects.

      Does it make your application stronger to have more than one project?

      • We will focus more on quality than quantity during the selection process.

      Can I apply with a comedy project?

      • Yes, you are welcome to do so.

      Can you apply with a project that has already been pitched in another leading pitching forum?

      • We will have to assess this individually and discuss it with our partners.

      Is it possible to apply with projects that are not in English (e.g. Spanish or French)?

      • Yes, this is possible if the project has potential on a European level. However, all applications and project descriptions need to be submitted in English in order to be evaluated by the selection committee.

      Is it necessary for the project to have development or production financing in place or can it be still pending?

      • Although not a requirement, it is beneficial to have financing attached.

      In what development stage does my project need to be?

      • The project can be in an early development stage. It is beneficial if you can show your project reflects interest from the industry / financiers. If your project is already in production, please explain in your application why you are submitting this project. If it makes sense to still pitch it at Series Mania Forum at this stage, we will definitely consider it.

      Will the days at Series Mania Forum involve our projects or is it generally being present at the Forum?

      • You will be able to do both. You will receive an accreditation to the Forum as a delegate but there will also be a pitching opportunity where the participants‘ projects will receive a higher visibility.

      Organizational questions

      How much does the programme cost and is there an application fee?

      • The fee is 3500 € for the online participation in the whole programme with a reduced fee of 490 € for the participants selected for one of our partner scholarships. There is no application fee.

      When will the selection be finalized?

      • We aim to make the selection as soon as possible by early March.

          How many people will be selected for the programme?

          • We aim for a small group of no more than app. 15 participants to create an intimate atmosphere with the possibility to interact as much as possible.

          How much time do you estimate the programme will take?

          • We are estimating around 3 full days of training per workshop, so around 48 h in total for both online workshops. For the self study phase we estimate around 25-40 h, depending on the amount of time you are investing. The participation at Series Mania Forum is around 3,5 days.

          When will the first workshop take place?

          • This will be finalized in the upcoming weeks.

          Will the mentors meet our language needs?

          • A command of the English language is necessary to participate in SERIES‘ WOMEN. The mentors will also speak English and, where possible, your native language.

            Does the programme have the aim to find a co-producer or broadcaster?

            • The aim of the programme is first and foremost the advancement of your career in general. However, the programme also facilitates attendance at Series Mania Forum as well as 1:1 mentoring and coaching. These activities can and should aim at individual project development, which can include looking for co-producers or broadcasters.

            Will there be another edition of SERIES‘ WOMEN in the future if I am not able to participate in the upcoming edition?

            • The first edition of SERIES’ WOMEN will take place between March and June 2021, and we hope it will be the first edition of many.

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