European TV Drama Series Lab 2014 – First module with exclusive insights

European TV Drama Series Lab 2014 – First module with exclusive insights

08. July 2014 –
 Acclaimed experts left the participants with valuable insights into their experience and knowledge

Erich Pommer Institut (EPI) in association with MediaXchange presents the European TV Drama Series Lab (TV Lab) now in its third edition. 30 participants – top writers, producers and broadcasters from across 11 European countries – together experienced four intense training days of the first TV Lab 2014 module. 12 internationally acclaimed TV experts provided valuable insights into the latest trends and current success stories of the TV series industry, those taken part included Glen Mazzara, Executive Producer of THE WALKING DEAD, HAWTHORNE, THE SHIELD, Nicolas Brown, Director, Film & TV – Neal Street Productions, Peter Nadermann, Executive Producer THE BRIDGE I, II, III, THE TEAM, CEO, NadCon-Film, Coline Abert, Writer LES REVENANTS (Season 2), Jean Philip De Tender, Director Television, VRT.

Asked about the secret ingredients of successful TV drama series production Glen Mazzara, most recently showrunner of the one-of-kind THE WALKING DEAD concludes, "Anytime a ground-breaking show was developed, it needed to establish itself and muscle its way into the market place. All successful US shows had to take a chance after all." Furthermore he says, “There's no magic answer, but if one innovative show breaks through, the floodgate opens for more to follow. We all need to take a risk to make a change.”

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Nick Brown of Sam Mendes’ production company Neal Street Productions comments on the market situation in Great Britain where favourable trade terms grant producer rights ownership of their productions, "I believe that the IP rights environment in the UK is one of the important conditions for the sustained creative success of the independent production sector." Former director of UK Drama Production at the BBC Brown engaged in an in-depth session on the status quo of the UK scripted sector – its benefits and its challenges and offered insights into the origination of Neal Street’s hit shows CALL THE MIDWIFE and PENNY DREADFUL.

Peter Nadermann, who held a session on the deal framework of European co-production using as an example his production THE TEAM gave answers to the nagging question of every TV professional: “How to develop and produce an international high end crime series in the contemporary market situation.“ A case study based on the experience of his production THE TEAM extended his experience with this subject. But wrapping up his role as one of Germany’s top TV drama producers Nadermann says, “My job is to create demand.”

The Open Session featuring “A Conversation with Glen Mazzara: Behind the Scenes of THE WALKING DEAD, HAWTHORNE, THE SHIELD” on July 3 gathered nearly 200 interested industry professionals. The event was presented by the Erich Pommer Institut, the Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg, and the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Concluding, the European TV Drama Series Lab once more proved that it caters to the great demand of international TV training, generating new potential and enhancing skills. The programme is supported by the MEDIA 2007 Programme of the EU and the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Please contact Marijana Harder (0331-721 2884, if you have any further questions or interest in conducting an interview.

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