European TV Drama Series Lab 2015: For the fourth time in Berlin

European TV Drama Series Lab 2015: For the fourth time in Berlin

24. June 2015 –
 Highly acclaimed TV experts from all fields of TV drama series production

For the fourth time the successful international TV drama series workshop starts in Berlin June 30 through July 5. Once more, highly acclaimed TV experts from all fields of TV drama series production engaged to participate as trainers: Stefano Sardo (Writer 1992, Co-Creator IN TREATMENT) Italy; David Semel (Producer and Director, MADAM SECRETARY, HANNIBAL, HOMELAND) USA; Marc Lorber (Lionsgate, Programming & Formats Consultant), UK; Dan’l Hewitt (Maker Studios, Managing Director), UK; Sandra Ouaiss (NEWEN Group, Senior Coproduction Advisor), France, amongst others.

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Once again Erich Pommer Institut (EPI) in association with MediaXchange presents the European TV Drama Series Lab (TV Lab) starting June 30 in Berlin. Out of a high number of applicants 30 participants from all over Europe – top writers, producers and broadcasters – were nominated to participate in the TV Lab. Over two training modules our international renowned TV expert trainers will share the latest trends, best practice methods and up-to-date success stories of TV series production. The programme schedule incorporates seminars and interactive sessions which aim at enabling participants to successfully implement ideas and generate new projects through knowledge, inspiration and valuable contacts. This year’s expert line-up comprises many highly experienced professionals from across Europe and the US who will examine the essential elements of the industry. We will be joined by producers and creators of acclaimed TV drama series such as Stefano Sardo (Writer 1992, Co-Creator IN TREATMENT), Italy, and David Semel (Producer and Director, MADAM SECRETARY, HANNIBAL, HOMELAND), USA, as well as representatives from the industry’s major players – e.g. film and TV distributor Lionsgate, French media corporation NEWEN Group and the world’s leading Multi-Channel Network Maker Studios – who will share their expertise.

TV Lab-Experts 2015 are amongst others:


Dan’l Hewitt, Managing Director UK, Maker Studios, UK

Marc Lorber, International Production, Programming and Formats Consultant, Lionsgate, UK

Stefano Sardo, Co-Creator 1992, Writer IN TREATMENT, Italien

Sandra Ouaiss, Senior Coproduction Advisor, NEWEN Group, Frankreich   

Mitch Semel, President, Semel Media, Experienced Multimedia Executive, USA

Franck Philippon, Co-Creator NO LIMIT, Frankreich

Nick Edwards, Freelance Journalist, The Financial Times, The Economist, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and Sight & Sound, UK

Esther Wouda, Script Consultant and (transmedia) Writer, Gloworm Film, Niederlande

Over the years the Lab has become accustomed to a high calibre expert. To name just a few: Piv Bernth (BORGEN) Denmark; Anne Bjørnstad (LILYHAMMER), Norway; Carol Flint (THE WEST WING, E.R.), USA; James Manos Jr. (DEXTER, THE SOPRANOS) USA; Glen Mazzara (THE WALKING DEAD, HAWTHORNE und THE SHIELD), USA; Simon Mirren (CRIMINAL MINDS, WITHOUT A TRACE, SPOOKS, WAKING THE DEAD),     UK/USA; Peter Nadermann (THE BRIDGE I, II, III, THE TEAM), Germany; Frank Spotnitz (THE X-FILES, HUNTED), USA/UK; Craig Wright (SIX FEET UNDER, LOST, TYRANT), USA and Ed Zuckerman (BLUE BLOODS, LAW & ORDER, THE AGENCY, JAG), USA.    

The TV Lab is aimed at screenwriters, producers and commissioning editors to examine the components that are essential for a successful TV series. Think Tanks provide the participants with the opportunity to apply their gained knowledge to the European market. Brand new European case studies will pave the way to innovative and successful series formats. Moreover, the participants will profit from an excellent networking opportunity – an essential factor for success. The programme is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the EU and the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Nadja Radojevic (CEO and Director Training EPI), the TV Lab’s Head of Studies Katrina Wood (CEO MediaXchange) and the attending international experts will be available for interviews. Please contact Marijana Harder (0331-721 2884, if you have any questions or interest in conducting an interview. Further information can be found at

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