Oscar® and European Film Awards winner Ewa Puszczynska at European Co-Production workshop
Fabián Joest (Mallorca Specials Production Agency), Oscar Awards®, European Film Awards- and Festival de Cannes multi-award-winner Ewa Puszczynska

Fotos: EPI/Nora Weber

Oscar® and European Film Awards winner Ewa Puszczynska at European Co-Production workshop

21. November 2018 –

 Renowned experts share knowledge and exclusive insights

We were thrilled to welcome media professionals from all over Europe to our EUROPEAN CO-PRODUCTION workshop that took place on Mallorca last week. Head of Studies Bernie Stampfer (International Film Partners) kicked off the workshop with an up-to-date industry overview, followed by Wolfgang Brehm’s (Brehm & v. Moers) talk about the legal framework of European co-productions and producer Jacqueline de Goeij’s (Cri de Coer) case study of the 4-country-co-production SPIDER IN THE WEB.

On day two, Bernie Stampfer and Wolfgang Brehm took a sharp look and walked the participants through a typical co-production agreement, followed by Daniel Simonyi’s (Freeway Entertainment) presentation on the necessity and practicalities of a CAM agreement. Dr. Daniel Baur (K5 International) shared his experience from and his views on the current state of the sales and distribution business, and last but not least, Oscar®, European Film Awards and Festival de Cannes multi-award-winner for IDA and COLD WAR, Ewa Puszczyńska (Opus Film), talked about financing films in disruptive times.

On the last day, Dr. Daniel Baur (K5 International) illustrated how the radical change of finance structure can lead to success through the example of ANON  and introduced the blockchain technology as well as its potential impact on the film industry. After Bernie Stampfer’s final presentation on assessing and mitigating investment risks in the film industry, the participants could apply what they had learnt over the last days. Working in small groups, they modelled different co-production structures for a fictitious project, presented those to the larger group and received expert feedback on the structures’ legal and financial viability.

Thank you to our wonderful experts and fantastic participants for these successful workshop days!

Funders: Creative Europe Desk Deutschland - MEDIA, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FOCAL

Partners: Brehm & v. Moers, Noerr LLP, GRAEF Rechtsanwälte, SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte

Media partners: Screen International, Blickpunkt:Film

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